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by ketz

The following are a few resources that have been compiled by other people on various subjects. Most of them are kept relatively well up to date, but if you want to know about any given topic, these are probably a good place to start if you haven’t got anything else, YMMV.

Contributions welcome!


Resource Description
Infosec_Reference by Robert (rmusser01) A highly thorough index of all kinds of security-related content.
awesome lists by Sindresohrus An excellent list of lists, not just limited to security with heaps of content let you self-teach lots of things at least moderately well

(the security section is here). is an easy way of viewing awesome lists.
The Art of Command Line A nice, detailed one-pager on using the command line, some googling is required.


Resource Description
awesome-sec-talks A list of talks dating back to 2012 from various events and conferences from around the world, topics vary.
Risky Business A podcast that discusses the news in infosec each week, based in Australia!
Infosec Industry Podcasts An aggregation of various popular podcasts.
IppSec on Youtube High-quality demonstrations of previous hackthebox machines.