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I’ve been the DISC Treasurer for most of 2019. I like pizza, hackthebox and messing around with shells.



What is a CTF? A CTF (Capture the Flag) event is a type of hacking competition that challenges technical knowledge and outside of the box thinking. There are two main types of…


bash => crash course commands

The below content was included as part of the 0x02 session: #!/bin/bash => a crash course in bash. Useful commands You’ll never be able to memorise every single command for everything, but…

Resource Lists

The following are a few resources that have been compiled by other people on various subjects. Most of them are kept relatively well up to date, but if you want to know…


Getting started with VMs for hacking

> **Before you start:** _You may find that this takes time and you make mistakes, but that's okay! If you are running into problems and can't figure out how to solve it…