The recordings and content from our weekly meetup sessions live here.
Please note: some of our sessions are unable to be recorded for privacy or logistical reasons.


  • 0x03: Infosec in the real world
    17 Apr 2019 • by Matt Dunwoodie, Lukasz Gogolkiewicz •
    DISC had the privilege of hosting two special guest speakers, Matt Dunwoodie and Lukasz Gogolkiewicz from Context, at our Week 7 club session this past week. Matt and Lukasz were candid about...


  • DISC_18_Tri2_Week10: Introduction to Binary Exploitation
    19 Sep 2018 • by Viren Khatri
    Viren Khatri from Deloitte’s Cyber Risk Advisory Practice comes to DISC to do a workshop on writing buffer overflow exploits in 32-bit applications from scratch. The pastebin link from the intro to...
  • DISC_18_Tri2_Week6: Life of a Pentester
    15 Aug 2018 • by T0py
    T0py talks about the different kinds of work and tools that pentesters use in their day-to-day work (and a couple of “war stories”).
  • DISC_18_Tri2_Week5: Careers in CyberSecurity
    08 Aug 2018 • by Nigel Hedges
    In this session Nigel Hedges, a Senior Security Architect, talks to us about: Journeys into IT Security careers. Soft skills vs. technical skills, and what is wrong with that sentence. The Pros...
  • DISC_18_Tri2_Week4: Relay attacks & Powershell Empire
    01 Aug 2018 • by The DISC Team •
    Chris and Aaron run through the basics of relay attacks, and how to use Powershell Empire for post-exploitation. Slides are here.
  • DISC_18_Tri1_Week5: Intro to Exploitation
    11 Apr 2018 • by The DISC Team •
    This week we briefly go over the various steps during exploitation, and some things to keep in mind during post-exploitation. It’s assumed you a familiar with conducting your own reconnaissance and enumeration....